Pope John Paul II - Karol Wojtyla

18 May 1920 - 2 April 2005

Book of Condolence

MESSAGES: 401 - 450
My sincere condolences on the lost of a man who tried do the best he could 
and in what he believed. Through his travels, he opened many doors and 
helped to break down barriers across religious divides. I may not have 
always agreed with his doctrine but he has shown how human the Catholic 
Church can be through his willingness to show his own fraility. May Pope 
John Paul II rest in peace. Ar dheis de go raibh a h-anam dilis.
R. Collins (Clare, Ireland)
Sincere sympathy on the death of Pope John Paul 11 .
May he rest in peace
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.
Noel and Anne O'Cleirigh,Wicklow Town, Ireland

I was brought to see the pope in Killineer in Drogheda, Co Louth in 1979 by 
my parents as a three week old baby. I was brought up to know, love and 
respect him as the leader of our church. I was sad to hear of his death 
but he lived a good life and may he now rest in peace. On Saturday night 
upon hearing of his death my family made that journey again to pay our 
respects to Pope John Paul the second, it wasn't the same happy occaision 
of 25 years ago, but a solemn, sad one.  I brought my daughter with me and 
we all prayed together and I explained to her all about the Pope, she said 
he would be happy up in heaven and could now look after and walk her dog 
Megan who passed away !, it was a beautiful sight up on the hill the Pope's 
cross was adorned with candles, flowers and flags and many other people 
gathered also.
Rest in Peace.
Mairead and Eireann Gorman and family,
Donore, Co Meath, Ireland.

The greatest tribute that we the people of this world can pay to this Great 
man of God is to fulfill his wishes and change the way we think act and do. 
Thank you John Paul for making this world a better place to live in. RIP.
Your friend.

We wish to add our message of sorrow to the book of condolences at the passing 
of Pope John Paul 2. He was a fantastic leader for our church and the world, 
we will be lucky to see his like again in our lifetimes. We really liked him. 
He was a very holy man and the world will miss him.
God rest his soul.
The Larkin Family, Limerick

Holy Father may you rest in peace. Thank you for the wonderful memories in 
1979 which will live with me forever. Thank you for your courage and inspiration 
in chronic illness. You gave me hope. Guide the Church in choosing your successor 
G.P Dublin

A man who changed the church for the better.

We wish to express our deep sympathy for Pope John Paul 11, may he rest in Peace. 
He was an inspiration in both his living and in his dying. Thank you. 
From: The Morrissey,Culhane and O'Mahoney Families Co. Limerick, Ireland
Charlotte & Dermot - Dublin 
May you rest in peace.  
A truly, inspiring, spiritual individual who has touched all our lives.  He was 
a true pope of the people and his presence will be deeply missed.
Rest in peace.
Janet Dillon, Dublin, Ireland 

The Shanahan Family would like to express their sympathy on the death of John 
Paul II who passed away on the 3rd anniversary of my own father's death, so we 
will always remember both of them on that day ...........May you both Rest in 
Nora, Cornelius, Lynda, Michael, Leona, Maxi, Hernan
I wish to express my sympathy on the death of our holy father Pope John Paul. 
May he rest in peace.
Paul Brennan
Dear Holy Father, I am remembering you as you go forth to Our Heavenly Father.  
How you touched my life in a profound way. When my child Christopher was 7 months 
in the womb, he was blessed by you in St. Peter's Square and as I look at him, 
I will always be reminded of your most Holy presence.  Thank you deeply and 
remember me when you enter into the Lords Kingdom.  Be not afraid....Totos Tu, 
Jean Verde, Christopher and Rene Verde of Miami, FL

May Pope John Paul II rest in peace.  He is most certainly the Peoples Pope and 
I for one will never forget going to see him in the Phoenix Park in 1979.  May 
his legacy live on in the next Pope. He will be greatly missed by all creeds.
Helena Doyle

Vox Populi Vox Dei
Rest in Peace with all the Angels and Saints
Paula Donnelly, Co. Fermanagh

Rev' Fathers Bishops & Cardinals & all Religious Communities & Laity.
It is with deep sadness in our hearts that we send this message.
To come to terms with the loss of Our Dear Friend Pope John Paul II who 
has touched our hearts over his passing. He just went over one hour when 
we had just finished our novena to St. Faustina. I don't know,  Who can 
replace him? Other than a Cardinal from an oppressed Catholic Religion, 
He would know what Strife would mean.
Needless to say we hope and pray our dearest friend Pope John Paul is with 
the Virgin Mary & the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Which as a loyal servant of God 
he so richly deserves.
We will alwayos remember him as a strong kind person with a loving heart for 
each and every person he met & the word of God always on his lips.
May he now rest in peace. Our deepest sympathy also goes out to the Catholic 
Church Members & its followers .
We trust the powers that be with the help of God and Guidance of the Holy 
Spirit that they will choose someone similar as Pope John Paul II. He was 
a Pope of the people.
Vincent, Josephine, Rosaleen, & Baby Avila Daniels
Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

With thoughts of remembrance for a great man, may his soul Rest in Peace. 
Claire, Belfast

Good night, sweet prince, 
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
Ciara Moloney
May He Rest in Peace.
Bryan Culhane
Co. Limerick.

Pope John Paul II was charismatic, spiritual and holy man. 
He was the only Pope I ever saw, at the Phoenix Park in 1979. I was in awe of 
him then as a child and have continued to be in awe of him ever since. His 
steadfast faith to God and mankind have made him very special in these fast 
moving and changing times. He's touched so many people across the world, he 
is truly now a saint with Our 
Lord in Heaven.
May he rest in Peace.
Paula, John & Ciara Kavanagh.

I wish to add our names to the book of Condolence to a great and holy man Pope 
John Paul. May you rest in peace and watch over us.
Antoinette and Joe, Joseph, Ian, Dawn and Keith Wheeler. 
Limerick.  Ireland. 

Pope John Paul was an inspiration to all and will be missed.  
May he rest in peace. The Creedon Family, Cork. Pope John Paul was a steadfast 
spiritual leader in an imperfect world,he touched all our lives, we will miss
May he rest in peace.
Tony & Angela O Driscoll 

Rest in peace John Paul the Second, whose courage in the face of adversity was 
an inspiration to us all.
Doireann, Paul, Cian, Dabhnait, Clare & Sean Hanley.
Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland.

We send this to say Good-bye, and knowing that you are up 
with the Father, I want to say, You have worked so hard for all of man kind, 
and brought so much to all your people plus others, rest and know that you 
will never be forgotten . 
Sharon Koci from the USA 

A saint on earth suffered in silence rest in  peace      
Catherine Mc Laughlin   

Thank you for all you have done for the world.  You
lead by example during your life - may we continue to
follow your example in Christ following your death. 
Rest in Peace.

Sincere sympathy on the death of Pope John Paul 11
from Shane O'Cleirigh,Limerick,Ireland.
May he rest in peace.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to offer my condolences on the death of a great Pope.I am not a 
regular church goer but I really admired Pope John Paul II on his efforts 
to end violence and trying to persuade dictators and despots form around 
the world to denounce violence.To a truly great man.
Raymond Eccles.

A truly inspirational and most holy man. Even through his debilitating illness 
which he bore with such dignity and courage he remained the Peoples Pope. He 
will be sadly missed. 
Janine, Belfast
I will always remember you as John Paul the Great. 
Margaret, Belfast

Pope John Paul II was truly a great and charismatic man who brought everyone 
of all religions together. He will be missed. May He Rest in Peace.
Lucia Bradford (Dublin) 

On behalf of the Riordan, Coffey, Edwards and Garrison families we wish to 
send our condolances. The Pope was a gentle soul who stood stead-fast for 
what he believed and lived. 
His presence on this earth will be missed but his legacy will continue for ages.
J. Coffey 

 We were deeply saddened by the passing of John Paul II,our Holy Father.Having 
got married in Rome,we had an audience with the Holy Father and have treasured 
memories of our time in Rome and of that meeting in particular.We know that he 
is gone to a better place and that his suffering is finally at an end. We hope 
that he will continue to watch over us and guide us in the right direction.
Mairin,Peter,Lauren,Stephen and Megan Casey,Dublin,Ireland

I am so sorry for the death of pope john paul he will be sadly missed he was 
loved very dearly and i hold a special place in my heart for him

Hello, I just wish to say "thank you" to Pope John Paul for serving God and 
for leading his flock so well and with so much geniune concern and love. I 
can't comprehend how wonderful this man was, what he willingly offered, and 
what he suffered, in every way. I hope that the next Pope will find 
inspiration from God and that he may be worthy to follow in Karol Wojtyla's 
footsteps while leading the Catholic Church on in faith, hope and love. Go 
raibh mile maith agat, a Sheain Phol. May he rest in peace.
Go mbeannaigh De orainn.
Siobhan Casey.

The Pontiff will be sadly missed,you were an inspiration to us all for so long, 
its hard to believe you will no longer be at the window to reassure us. Thank 
you for bringing me back to the church and for showing us all how grace and  
dignity can prevail. May you rest in peace your Holiness.
Kevin O Sullivan
Cork, Ireland

KAROL was the GREATEST POPE that ever lived. He taught us how to love and 
how to bring peace. May it not be long now before he is proclaimed a Saint. 
He filled three generations with hope and love. And will fill many more 
generations to come with faith.

I feel so sad at the death of our Pope and want to make ammends by making more 
time for Jesus and the Sacrements in my family life. We saw Pope John Paul at 
Phoenix Park in 1979 before we were married and I always felt that he has been 
there throughout our married life. I will make a greater effort to make the 
time and continue to pass our faith on to our almost grown up children. Perhaps 
for our 25th wedding anniversary next year we will be able to visit Rome. We 
miss you but feel that you have left us with a great legacy of renewed faith .
love from the McGivern family-Co.Armagh

You were truly a man of God, dear John Paul II, who loved and served us all. 
We promise to pray for you and pray to you always and try to live the way you 
lived. God rest your soul, Vicente and Leona, Philippines

I would like people to know how special the pope was to me and always will 
be my father was also Polish and died when i was five so the Pope always 
reminded me of my father and i would turn to him and ask for him to guide me 
and i would feel love and warmth surround me.The Pope may be gone in body 
but he will always live on in my heart and i wish him love and peace as he 
was and is a great person . I was privillaged to see him once in the Vatican 
one of the best days of my life.R.I.P papa.
Kathleen Marchelewska,Dublin,EIRE

The passing of the Holy father has made me stop and reflect on the last 27 years 
of my own life. Unlike him I feel that as a christian I could have done more? 
His death has prompted me to revisit my own spirituality, and as a result has 
strengthened my resolve to try and live my life with a little more humanity and 
christian understanding.
John S.

Loved and missed always, God grant you eternal rest.
Please pray for us.
Dorris and Tony Wallace
Co Tipperary

May the lord welcome you in to his arms
just as you welcomed so many in you're life
may you rest in peace
you were truly a great man
god bless Pope John Paul 2nd.
love always,
Edward Jordan
Sarah Jordan
Jessika Jordan
Stephen Jordan 

May the lord welcome you in to his arms
just as you welcomed so many in you're life
may you rest in peace
you were truly a great man
god bless Pope John Paul 2nd.
love always,
John Byrne
Anne Byrne

It is with heavy heart I received the news of our dearly beloved Pope. He 
brought hope and peace to all. He brought together people from all over the 
world in life and in death. He was a source of inspiration and a glowing 
example of what human relationship should be. May he rest in perfect peace. 

On behalf of Saint Lacteen's National School, Stuake, Donoughmore, Co. Cork 
and the parish of Donoughmore as a hole we wish to register our solidarity 
with the rest of the Universal Church on the death of our dear Holy Father 
Pope John Paul II.
In the words of Saint Paul, he was truley "all things to all men".  The Pope 
was truely a disciple of the Lord's.  His legacy to us is one of unswerving 
faith in Jesus as Lord of all creation.
Father Declan O'Brien

Ann & Malachy & the extended family circles offer our deepest sympathy on the 
recent of our beloved Holy Father Pope John Paul 11. We were privileged to see 
him in the Phoenix Park 1979 and I also visited St Peters May 1979 & 1980 & 
September 2001. On each occasion received his blessing.

I am a Methodist minister in my 87th year and have  prayed with and for Pope 
John Paul through "Sacred Space" prepared by Irish Jesuits for several years.
I thank God for him and continue to pray.
Eric Challoner

We remember with great affection Pope John Paul II and his visits to our country. 
May he rest in peace.
John Byrnes, Sydney, Australia.

I want to express my sorrow at the passing of a great man. He touched everybody's 
heart and was a great leader for the Worlds Catholics. He was a holy man who had 
a special place in his heart for the young people of the World. He will be sadly 
missed, but we can find comfort in the knowledge that he is now at home in Heaven. 
He truly was Christ's representative on Earth. 
Barry Devine, Co. Donegal, Ireland.
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