5-13 JUNE 2003


Thursday 5th June 2003
7.00pm - Official Reception of the relics at Fairview Church.
Cardinal Desmond Connell will preside and the homily will be
given by His Excellency Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, Apostolic 
Nuncio to Ireland. 
Veneration until 10.00pm

Friday 6th June 2003
St Anthony's Church, Clontarf with reception at the Church at
9.30am followed by Mass. 
Veneration for the rest of the day.
7.00pm - Mass. 
7.30pm - Service of Symbols - the ending of this service will
conclude the visit of the relics to Clontarf. 

Saturday 7th June 2003
Poor Clares Simonscourt Road, Dublin.
9.30am - Formal Reception Service.
Veneration of the relics until 3.00pm.
3.00pm - Mass.

At approximately 4.00/4.30pm the relics leave for Carlow.
6.30pm Reception of the relics at the Church Graiguecullen (Carlow)
Mass at 7.00pm.
Veneration all night. 

Sunday 8th June 2003 
Carlow - Mass at 9.00am and 11.30am.  
3.00pm Service of Symbols.
6.00pm Mass
After 6.00pmMass at approximately 7.00/7.30pm the relics depart 
Carlow for Church Street, Dublin to arrive there between 8.30-9.00pm. 
There will be a short period for veneration (no all night veneration). 

Monday 9th June 2003
Relics will be at Church Street all day. 
Mass at 7.30pm. 
After Mass relics travel to Merchant's Quay, to arrive at 9.00pm.
Short period for veneration (no all night veneration). 

Tuesday 10th June 2003
Relics at Merchant's Quay all day.
9.00am Rosary 
10.00am One of the Symbols
11.00am Rosary
12 noon Novena Mass
1.05pm Mass
2.00pm Rosary
3.00pm One of the Symbols
4.00pm Rosary
5.00pm One of the Symbols
6.00pm Rosary
7.00pm One of the Symbols
8.00pm Novena Mass
9.30pm Departure of relics
Relics retu rn to Fairview.

From June 11th to the 13th the relics will be at Fairview Church.
Mass at 8.00am and 10.00an each day and after the 10.00am Mass the
relics will be available for public veneration until 7.00pm. 
Confessions will be available throughout the day.

Wednesday 11th June 2003
7.30pm Service of the Symbols of St. Anthony. 
Veneration after the service until 10.00pm. 

Thursday 12th June 2003
7.30pm Prayer Service: St Anthony's Witness of the Gospel.
Veneration after the service until 10.00pm

Friday 13th June 2003 - Feast of St Anthony
7.30pm Mass.

After Mass the visit of the relics to Ireland will conclude. 


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